"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."  - Robert Collier

Setting small attainable goals will change your life.  When you set your goals too high, you set your self up to fail.  When we fail we feel bad about ourselves and often punish ourselves with either negative self talk, or destructive behavior.

Small goals that you can check off the list are satisfying and encouraging.  Positive feelings are motivating. When we set small goals we set ourself up to succeed.  

Small smart goals create a path of true success and fulfillment.

Make It Small

Find The Pocket

The pocket is that place where change really happens.  It's a place where you feel slightly uncomfortable because you are doing something new and breaking out of the mold of old habits, but it still feels attainable and does not create anxiety. 

The pocket is the sweet spot.  It's that place between old and new, but it is real and it is consistent.  A place where real change occurs at a sustainable pace.

In A Healthy Way

When setting goals think of what is healthy.  We tend to over extend ourselves, instead of choosing healthy goals.  When you figure out what you want -whether it is efficiency at work, or success in your marriage, always add these words to your goal.  "In a healthy way".  


I want to get a promotion. In a healthy way would be not overworking yourself to burn out, and not pulling down others to get there.  It is choosing goals that make you successful and not sick or negative.  If you want to communicate with your significant other - work on opening lines of communication not telling them what they did wrong.  When we set goals in a healthy way it makes us feel good and motivates us.  

"I can hear you saying in my head...find the pocket.  It reminds me to set achievable goals and then I am encouraged to keep them."  -Former Client