Never say Never...Or Always

Always and Never are anxiety's best friends. Always tells you what you "should" be and that you are not allowed to fail. Never tells you what you "won't" accomplish and stops you from trying. They work together, each holding on to opposite ends of you, pulling until you break.

Always tells you that smart people always remember things, or strong people always have will power. Never tells you you'll never be as good as another, or you're never allowed to be wrong.

I want you to think about Never and Always as though they were people. What do they look like? What do they say? What if they were standing in front of you, what would you say back? Anxiety is not who you are and neither are his friends. Anxiety is a part of you and he's there for a reason, but you need to explain to anxiety when he is needed and when he is not. Even when anxiety is needed you need to tell him that always and never are not invited to the party.

The 51% principle is finding that place between always and never that lifts you up instead of pulling you apart.

The 51% asks you to be aware of what you can accomplish, how much and how often. It accepts that answer and then quantifies it and breaks it down into small chunks to balance out across the rest of your life.

Always and Never are friends of Anxiety. Awareness and Balance are champions of You!

Make it small,


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