Just a spoonful of...

How do we make it small? Spoons. The 51% principle is choosing actions that are small, motivating, and that add up to at least 51%. I call these actions spoons. A spoon is the short walk you take, the 5 minutes of research you do, the 6 second hug you give, or the 3 minutes looking your child in the eyes while they talk about Pokemon. These seem small. But when you think about it, and you add them up, they are life changers.

My husband recently took his first architectural licensing exam, which are known to be difficult to pass. He literally and figuratively made it small when approaching the study process. I helped him make small flashcards and these were his spoons. Reading flashcards on the way to work, or for 10 minutes while the kids ran across the backyard. He said he could have easily been overwhelmed and discourage by not having solid blocks of time to study, or he could focus on the spoonfuls of time he had. As he did this he felt motivated to continue and learned more and more. This focus on the small, actionable choices resulted in him passing the first exam.

When you think, "I don't have time for that". Or "I haven't gotten to it yet." Think about what actually needs to be done and ask yourself what are the spoons. If you don't have an hour to work out, do you have 10 minutes in the morning and night for yoga or taking the dog for a walk? If you don't have an afternoon to sort the garage, can you sort one pile a week while watching tv?

Find your spoons and start stacking!

Make it small,


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