Focus on the 51%

Do you feel like it’s never enough? Do you complete some goals, but at the end of the day all you see is what you didn’t get done, or what you did wrong?

I often have therapy clients who have a great week and are proud of themselves, but then one negative memory or act is brought up and we often spend the rest of the session reframing, and prioritizing the successes. It seems harder to focus on the positive than the negative. It seems hard to realize that the small things you did add up to a lot.

Focusing on the positive can change the way we see ourselves and other people. It's essential to recognize the effort we put in to tasks, not what's left to do. We need to appreciate the times our spouse or friends do things for us instead of the times they don't. It is better to show enthusiasm at our child's progress instead of grieving their setbacks.

When you celebrate what you achieve instead of being discouraged by what’s missing, that’s when your 51% will grow.

Make it small,


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