noun / 'NIF'

: a tool to cut your life into the 1-3 pieces you will be actively working on each month.

It is only possible to focus on so many things and be successful, otherwise you wear yourself thin and see no change.  Each month you can choose 1-3 parts of your life, depending on what you think you can handle.  If it is a very busy month then you will only focus on 1 aspect of your life, whatever needs the most work.  If you feel you have the resources you can choose up to 3.  This is three parts of your life; money, marriage, health...  That are beyond your day to day obligations. You still have to work, clean, pay bills, so these are 1-3 pieces that will become your projects to improve your life with positive change.  

Example:  If you believe you have time to focus on 2 parts of your life you would analyze which 2 parts you feel need the most attention.

Knives: Health and Emotions


noun/ 'spun'

:  A small attainable goal that is completed at least 51% of the time.  


A spoon is a realistic version of your ideal goals.  It will be the main path that you walk to improve your life.  Each month you will select 3 spoons for each knife.  These spoons will be completed at least 51% of the time.  These realistic goals will feel satisfying as you check them off and will encourage you to continue forward.  

Example:  If you choose Health as a knife, one spoon may be adding vegetables to your diet.  If your ideal is to eat vegetables everyday a 51% spoon would be:

Spoon: Eat a side of vegetables 3-4 times a week.  


noun/ 'fork'

: a tool used for flexibility when your main goals become unattainable.  A divergent path to get you back to yoru goals and keep you on the road to success.  You will plan a fork for each knife each month.  If you get to a point where you just cannot complete your spoons, a fork will keep you moving forward.  It is a smaller goal that can keep you motivated if you hit too many obstacles.  

Example:  If you choose Occupation as a Knife and your spoons are - Making lists 2-3 times a week, getting to work 10 minutes earlier 2 times a week, and lower stress at work by taking a walk twice a week.  A fork would then be:

Fork: Sit outside at lunch or coffee break on Thursday or Friday and make a to do list for the following week.